Live 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography

Waccamaw would like to introduce Live 3D transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), a technology designed to help improve the way clinicians see the heart. Unlike traditional cardiac ultrasound systems which provide images taken from the surface of the chest, TEE captures images from inside the body allowing different perspectives. New views of cardiac structure, disease and function can provide additional information for diagnoses, treatment planning, monitoring and assessing during procedures and follow-up.

When patients present with shortness of breath and are difficult to image with a conventional exam, TEE is often selected as the next step. Live 3D TEE is on-the-spot evaluation, and there may be no need for further exams or tests.

“Seeing multiple perspectives of a valve while the heart is beating gives us more information to plan even before the first incision,” <Name, Title> “The visibility the tool provides also allows us to make an assessment after a procedure and to decide if more repairs are needed before closing the chest.”

With Philips iE33 xMATRIX Ultrasound System with Live 3D TEE, interventional cardiologists have more information for procedures – such as device implantation and repairing defects, as well as enhanced visualization during guided procedures. The 3D heart is displayed in motion, in real time. This fast and easy real-time 3D image display reduces the need to reconstruct pathology from multiple 2D views.

Live 3D TEE technology provides a tool to help physicians make more informed decisions for their patients. Real time 3D views of the beating heart provide a key communication tool that is easy for patients, families and physicians to understand.

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